Activism is a big word right now.

We all feel like going out there and make ourselves heard, believing our truth will make the world a better place.

Yet, quite often that truth comes from our inability to handle that same world just as it is.

The same goes for our private world.

We react to events because they disrupt our need to be OK & to have everything under control.

And the same goes for people, especially our loved ones.

Can we accept the people around us in all their glorious imperfection rather than trying to fix them?

Can we see how often their flaws will just trigger our need for safety?

In our attempt to protect ourselves, we create monsters as we go along: the world becomes just an ugly place full of ugly faces.

Go & look at the sky tonight:; look at it without thinking of all the thousands of planes crossing it and polluting our air.

Just for a moment look at the stars.

And feel your heart melting into all there is.

Now go and change the world.





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