Do What You Can, Don't Do What You Can't

In this week’s video I share about how important it is right now to give ourselves some slack.
Even if it means perhaps being a bit bored….
It is very important to rest and allow our mind, our “mini me”, time to digest all these big changes now happening at such a speed!
So as my nan used to say, “Do What You Can, Don’t Do What You Can’t”.
And make it Ok!

When One is Tired Of London Is Tired Of Life

I have lived in London 21 years & here is what I have learnt in 2020…

Zhibbi & The Cygnets

Here is my formidable companion Zhibbi and our new cygnets in the local botanical garden.

What a treat to the eye!

In April Calm Is Your Super Power

What do we need this month to navigate these intense energies?

Calm is going to be our super power in April 🙂


How To Stop Being Afraid During Covid - 19

These are very confusing and challenging times, so how do we stop being afraid during Covid–19?

By stopping to try to stop being afraid! 🙂


How To Start Feeling Happier

Here is one of my very favorite Qi Gong routines when I want to start feeling happier or when I want to send love a joy to someone who perhaps has been feeling a bit love.

In – Joy,


How To Feel More Rested

Would you like to know a quick way to feel more rested?

One of the reasons we often feel depleted is because we’ll give a bit of our vital energy away as we go through our day.

Our Heart Is Our Navigation System Through Life

We want to be loved, and yet we often get so frightened by all the emotions our heart feels.

In this video I will explain why our heart is our navigation system through life and how you can learn to keep it open no matter what!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are Feelings & Emotions The Same?

Let’s kick Valentine’s week off by exploring the difference between Feelings & Emotions!

When we understand our inner life, then whatever we feel won’t scare us anymore and we will be able to relax and be present with it.

And we learn about our heart so we can keep it open, no matter what.

When we do that, we will fall in love over and over again.

With Ourselves, Life & Others!

Why You Must Look After Yourself In 2020

One of the 3 things required to make this year a truly life changing time, is to focus on You.
Your Growth.
Your Well-being.
Your Joy.
And if you find this hard to accept, think again.
‘Cause 2020 is the year to learn how to fill your own cup first, and then let others drink.

Make Self Care Fun

As we slowly move ahead into the year, I sense we are quickly learning that, now more than ever, looking after ourselves needs to be a priority.

While in the past we could afford to be quite laid back about it, the intensity of the times means that we constantly need to come up with little strategies to keep us in a good place.

But why is “self care” often so hard to manage?

Live A Better Life In 2020

Would you like to know how to start living a better life in 2020? In my video I’ll explain why more than ever, this year is very important to use our time and energy wisely. It’s going to be a life changing year, hence we will need all our resources!

Stop Feeling Anxious When You Use Affirmations

Would you like to know a quick, effective and fun way to stop feeling anxious? You can teach your body healthier habits by working on acupressure points while using affirmations! Have a little play around and be amazed 🙂

Why Communication Breaks Down

Hi Friends, Do you have wonder why as we deal with others, communication breaks down? Perhaps even when despite our best intentions, we just making things worse? Here is a quick explanation of what really happens when conversations go sour and we can change that around. And for those who enjoy reading, here is my post “Why Communication Has To Do More With Feelings Than Talking”

A Very Easy & Calming Breathing Technique For The Ladies

Here is a very easy and calming breathing technique which will help those ladies who really struggle during the week leading up to their menses! Repeat this a couple of times a day to help you ease the tension and anger we all feel during “those days”.

How To Break Old Habits

Tired of old habits which get in the way of your happiness and health? January is often the time when we’ll get serious about wanting to stop doing those very limiting things that don’t let us enjoy life to the fullest. I have learnt “Temporal Tapping” through “Eden Medicine” with Donna Eden, and I can vouch for its effectiveness for it is one of the best ways to break those ingrained habits that just won’t go away.

3 Things You Will Definitely Need In 2020

Curios to know how the year ahead will be like?

In my video I will give you 3 powerful things which will make 2020 UNFORGETTABLE!

This is set to be one of the most memorable years yet, and we really want to take advantage of the amazing potential for change it’s bringing to us.


Ever wonder why we feel sluggish, emotionally unbalanced, unhappy?

Our “Chi” or Vital Energy must be able to freely move through our body!

When it gets stagnant we go out of sync.

Our “Sea of Energy” is the most powerful acupressure point and work with it will do wonders for your well-being.


Why do we often feel so drained during the festive holidays? Rather than feeling all jolly & merry, we end up feeling exhausted and grumpy. In this video I will show you a couple of quick routines to try before you get to crowded places, or perhaps you are finding the family reunions just a tiny bit overwhelming.