Hello! I hope you are feeling Inspired and Amused here at Evoking Grace.

Let me share with you what brought me to London many lifetimes ago and how today I help others truly enjoying their life, no matter the challenges and setbacks.

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I have a passion for a good story. Mine started when I embarked on a journey that saw me leaving the South of Italy for the grey English skies.

I never looked back.

I grew up in “Il Mezzogiorno,” land of crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, mozzarella but also mysterious bureaucracy and eternal corruption.

As a child I could feel my soul yearning for exiting adventures and high skyscrapers.

I’d dream to walk the streets of life at my own pace and in my own way.

I had a very strong intuition: some would call it “sight”, I simply call it “innate wisdom.”

It was this “knowingness” that got me on a plane and brought me to the place I still call, to this day, Home.

I arrived in London with only £50 and things went from bad to worse when I suddenly found myself penniless.

I would have gone without food had it not been for the merciful help of some very generous homeless people!

That day I learnt about compassion and solidarity and I knew I had to give it back out there somehow.

After endless jobs trying to make ends, life started to smile and doors to open.

I spent many years being a Personal Stylist to celebrities and “big names” and really enjoyed the buzz of meeting new people, hearing their stories and bonding between seasonal wardrobe updates!

I eventually started to support my clients in deeper ways, helping them realize why they often felt unfulfilled and stressed.

They replaced their need to look good and be perfect with a real appreciation for their own unique self. 

Today I help people enjoy their life more, by sharing effective ways to deal with everyday setbacks, limiting mind sets and overwhelming emotions!

Most of all, I help them connect again with their greatest asset: their wisdom.



  • my Coton pup Zhibbi, the fluffiest little rascal
  • my sunglasses as they remind me of my Italian roots
  • fireworks because they make me happy and remind me of how short and precious our lives really are
  • autumn with its vibrant colors and nostalgic atmosphere
  • Christmas carols which make me seriously emotional and usually leave me in a flood of tears every time I hear them
  • London! So much in fact that I became a qualified Tour Guide for The City of London