I have been quiet lately and chosen to offer silence to our grieving world.

I suddenly felt that no word could placate the anger wanting to emerge.

I’ve remained silent but vigil, knowing that this too shall pass.

Yet, as I watch events unfolding, I can’t help thinking that we only get what we give.

We may feel very strongly that is our time to support long due changes, but what are we really giving to others?

What are we giving to ourselves?

We expect love, respect, & dignity from the world: what do we choose to give?

What is our heart offering not just to others, but to ourselves first?

There is one thing I have learnt in these last few months, and one thing only: certain things will never change, no matter what’s happening around me.

My dignity and trust in myself for a start.

And I feel it’s very important to remember that, for when you feel at the mercy of the world, then you’ll always be afraid it will take everything away from you.

No, it will not.

What’s real cannot die.

I wish you a quiet weekend, hoping you shall find solace within the silence of your heart and I’m leaving you with few words from a song I always sing out loud whenever life gets too much, “You get what you give” by New Radicals.

“You’ve got the music in you

Don’t let go

You’ve got the music in you

One dance left

This world is gonna pull through

Don’t give up

You’ve got a reason to live

Can’t forget

We only get what we give

This whole damn world, could fall apart

You’ll be ok, follow your heart

You’re in harms way, I’m right behind…”

Antonia Lyons

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