So much we see in this world, we wish to change.
We have ideas on how others should be, and what we might all need to live a better life.
To be in a better world.
And yet, in pointing to the flaws, we rarely offer the remedy.
Gather within the very thing you long to see more of and then offer it, freely.
To yourself foremost and then to a world that very often appears to be so alien.
When silence is what you seek, surrender to the space trying to expand inside of you.
If kindness is what you crave, speak words that can brighten the darkest heart.
Be the smile to the tears you wish to wipe away.
The wisdom to the inconceivable, the calm to the chaos.
You are the antidote to what doesn’t make sense when you come within your body, strong and present with what is.
And if you can dance even as your heart breaks and you have been left raw and weary by yet another sleepless night.
If you can find within you the absolute trust that what you’ve got left is what is needed the most, then beloved friend offer it with gracious pride.
Because you are the antidote to what you wish to change, when you embody that very change.
Antonia Lyons

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