Once upon a time, there was a little girl who carried a big sack on her shoulder.
Wherever she went, the sack went with her too. Filled with many gifts, the little girl never parted from it, and in time she came to believe that without her precious sack, her life had no meaning.
Much was kept in there, beautifully wrapped and waiting to be offered to all those the child met along the way. But year after year, the sack remained full, and eventually the sweet girl grew sad and discouraged.
Tired with dragging the heavy sack around all day along, she wondered why no one cared about all the lovely things she had plenty to share.
One day the girl marched down street, set a little stall, put all her shiny gifts on display and started to shout “Gifts everyone. Lovely gifts on offer. No charge, it’s all on the house. Come and grab your gift.”
The sun went down, but all the girl had to offer was still there, left untouched.
She started to sob, all curled up in a tiny corner, with her head down so to hide away her sorry tears.
“Don’t cry child, you will get a frowny face otherwise!” A very old lady just warned the little girl with a very kind smile.
“Grandmother, I carry gifts I’m here to share with everybody. That’s what I’m here for! To give my gifts to the world, but no one cares. Please tell me, you who are so wise and good, why don’t they care? Why don’t they want what I am here to offer?”
Big, deep eyes and many, many wrinkles, the tiny woman lowered down and took the girl’s hands in hers.

“Child, don’t give. Be. There are no gifts to offer but Yourself.”

” I don’t know how to just be, grandmother.”
“Because you don’t trust, my child.
Don’t give. Just be.” The old lady repeated, while she let the girl’s hands go. ” And as you offer yourself proudly to the world, remember that the only gift we ever need is All That We Are. “
Beloveds, in all of us there’s a small child wounded by not having their gifts appreciated and welcomed by others.
We came in this life proudly carrying talents and wisdom to inspire the hearts of those who no longer dreamed nor remembered where they came from.
And yet, so often our offering was rejected, misunderstood, perhaps even ridiculed. We grew sad, confused, disheartened.
My darling friends, may you stop giving others what they cannot accept yet. May you hold close to your heart your beautiful offering, knowing that nothing ever goes wasted in this life. May you trust that you are the gift the world deserves, and all it asks of you is to be You.
Antonia Lyons

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