Dear Friends,

May you allow your soul to unload the weight of the world on this sacred day.

Winter solstice is the time when the essence of life calls us back into ourselves.

To refuse her invitation is to refuse our spirit the rest needed for new creation.

Slow down today and allow your body to adjust to the nurturing quiet the new season brings.

Slow my friends, slow.

And in each pause feel the heartbeat of the universe and let your own heart beat along.

Blessed Be,


Antonia Lyons

Come on in! You are in  “mumblings & musings,” the space where I channel short and sweet stories about life & stuff. If you wish to stay a little longer and visit around, Evoking Grace is the perfect place to take a pause from the world. Here you will hear your soul sing again and start telling a bigger story.
Stay as long as you wish, and as you leave remember to take your welcoming gifts with you.

Art Julie Dawn Scollick