I have been celebrating these last few days. Very quietly and privately, of course, Nevertheless, I have felt compelled to acknowledge the importance of this moment. Not just because I have published my first book, but because I am actively doing what I have always dreamed of and yet, managed to put on hold.  As I create a new me, I am learning to cherish every little step I take, and remind myself that this very moment is as big as the next one. 

The other day it occurred to me that we don’t celebrate ourselves enough in our culture. We wait for the big achievement and ignore the many small moments success is filled with.  Along the way there are stepping stones that will take us where we have envisioned ourselves to be. Wheatear it is finding a new job, backing a cake, or moving country these turning points are fundamental for our growth. We can jump them across, but that will surely make the process clumsy and rushed. Instead, we must spend a moment on each stone so to keep our balance and don’t lose sight of the ways ahead.  

“Oh, look how far I have come. Am I ready to move on, or shall I stay here a little longer and rest?” 

Regardless of how we decide to walk the path of creation, we must be able to pat ourselves on the back for those breakthroughs that allow us to go a little further. In truth, although this has never come easy to me, I am embracing more and more the art of “congratulate thyself” because it feels nice and encouraging. And because if I don’t believe that I can, no one else will either. 

When we can praise ourselves, we can also honor someone else ’s creative journey. We will  cheer them during the inevitable tiring moments as we encourage them to keep going. And if things don’t go accordingly to plan, we will show them the silver lining they may be missing. Mostly, whether their creation comes to life or not, we will simply know that the journey never ends. Sometimes we may halt along the way, other times we may have to take a detour, but step by step we get to create our very own masterpiece. Our life. 

So, today, I raise my glass to you and I. I toast to the dreams we have been holding tight in our heart and which we are now ready to set free. May we make them fly as they take a life of their own. And if we ever lose sight of them, may we look a bit further out on the horizon together.

Antonia Lyons

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