This world of ours is a bit like a big hotel.
We all have our favourite room, where we come back life after life.
We may hang out with the other guests, we may choose to just keep ourselves to ourselves.
Sometimes all we can afford is the tiniest room in the basement, other times we’ll go straight to the penthouse…
This grand hotel welcomes us all the same, time & time again.
With open arms.

“Nice to see you again sir, I shall take your luggage to the room. How long are you planning to stay this time?”
“Oh not long at all, just time for a little dip in the pool and some nice food…”
There is a special room though open to all guests and it’s the most luxurious of all.
You don’t have to pay to get in, and it does not matter which room you are staying in, whether you are on the upper floors or down the boring corridor.
When you spend time in “the special room”, it not longer matters how long you’ll be staying at the hotel, whom with, and doing what.
All guests will feel the same within the emptiness of such a unique place.
Where there is no sound and no thing, everybody just is at one with themselves.
“I Exist” each one whispers.
Dear Friend, come and spend time in the “I AM” room.
Come and be with yourself.
Breathe in all that you are and always were.
No matter what brings you here, trust that these doors will never be closed.
Come and be with You.