We all feel lost in the world sometimes.

When life throws at us yet another challenge and we are forced to abruptly change, we may suddenly feel unrooted.

We move around as if we were being pulled in all different directions, unable to come back into ourselves and be still.

When we remember that we are the very soil our roots are planted in, we start trusting life’s doings again. We see then that the only way for our roots to go deeper and longer is for us to make space for them.

Our suffering is not an indication of our limits but of our innate need to expand. We grow a bit bigger so more life can move through us, until we truly learn that we are the container which holds the seed of creation.

Many times we might be left in swaying in the wind. Many times we might fear that we are being swept away from home. But the soil readjusts itself around the roots, tighten its grip around them, only to let go once the storm has passed. Then we give ourself the space to move freely again, grow a a bit thicker and stronger.

No matter how far we move from our homeland and how many times we start again, we can only be rooted within ourselves.

Dear Friend, be a “space giver,” and allow life to freely flow within you. Stretch out tall & unapologetically. Become as big as you came here to be.

In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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