Life coming in will always touch old wounds.

They have been there for many years; some even believe we come into this world with wounds from past lives.

In accepting this, we accept that we are scarred.

All of us.

We are the sum of all the scars left from wounds that we bravely healed.
The wound that is still open is the pain that we are yet to face.

And no matter how much it hurts to admit this, we made that choice.

We chose not to sit with our shadow and turn into light.

It wasn’t the world’s fault.

It wasn’t our fault either.

In fact, there is no fault.


Just like neglected children, we try to fill the void we carry inside just grabbing whatever we can.

A void that also feels hugely heavy.

It’s only when we see that everybody carries our same scars that we become free.

Free from the weight of blame, resentment and victimhood.

Slowly that void gets filled with joy, hope, gratitude.

And that’s how we start flying high.

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Antonia Lyons

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