As this year comes to a close, I choose one thing to take with me. It will be my ally in the coming months. It will keep me strong and within my core whenever the world pulls me out.
Here attached is a short clip from a video message I sent out yesterday in my Soulful Newsletter, where I share why I am bringing TRUST with me into 2023.
While writing comes natural to me, being in front of the camera often offers the opportunity to stretch out of my comfort zone. I sensed it was a good way to end this remarkable year, in the hope to expand more and more.
You can watch the whole video on and join our “gracious gang” on
Birds of a feather flock together, and it has been such a joy and privilege to fly through 2022 with you all.
At times with lost altitude, other times we took a nosedive, but we never gave up on the joy to do what we do best: glide across life.
Beloved Friends may you Trust Yourself To Be Well and may you choose to end 2022 with the required presence and grace.