As we are halfway between winter and spring, I can’t help noticing an opening.

An opening despite the intensity of our times.

An opening within my heart.

As if I could sense new life coming together, waiting for lighter days to emerge.

This is the time when winter is slowly giving away to warmer and brighter weather.

But not just yet!

And so it is very important to take even extra care of ourselves right now.

Imbolc marks the midpoint between solstice and equinox, in the Celtic tradition.

It’s an exquisite sacred time, which offers the promise of much newness to come.

But our inner world is feeling a little fragile under the weight of our coats and the speed of a life that never ever stops.

So we stop.

We pause throughout the day and come back to attend that precious inner world.

And in that pause we find ourselves again.

And we get ready for our days to get brighter.