The world awaits you. With your light & shadow.
Rejoice at the gifts you carry. Share them with pride & care, never imposing but trusting that they shall be received by the heart closest to yours.
Do not wonder if the world can see you, because your light will always precede you. Do not ask permission to be heard, because your whispers are louder than thunders.
Walk tall dear friend, knowing that you could never be less than what you really are. And when you forget, let the smiling eyes of a stranger remind you and bring you back home.
May you know that you are adored for your courage to be alive. May you feel held in respect and admiration. And when unsure of your presence here, may you remember that you came to keep the world alight.
In Grace,
Antonia Lyons
Come on in! You are in  “mumblings & musings,” the space where I channel short and sweet stories about life & stuff. If you wish to stay a little longer and visit around, Evoking Grace is the perfect place to take a pause from the world. Here you will hear your soul sing again and start telling a bigger story.
Stay as long as you wish, and as you leave remember to take your welcoming gifts with you