We’ve been asking for quiet times.

We’ve been saying how tired we are of a life that is way too fast and often uncompromising.

We forgot the values that those before us cherished and proudly shared in trying to keep up with this mad rush.

And now that the world stands still, we fear.

Now that every single thing around is inviting us to stop and rest, now that life is no longer rushing but slowing down so we can finally catch up, we fear.

There was a time when mums would bake a cake with their “bambinos” and suddenly the whole place would smell of “festa”; when we’d look forward to a new book to fall asleep onto after dinner.

There was also a time when we started to resent a life that often alienates us.

Today is a new time.

Today we can allow ourselves to look at this moment as an invite to go back to whatever good our past offered us.

Rather than fearing this time, let’s treasure the stillness is bringing.

Let’s allow ourselves to stop and reset, for I sense we are all missing the genuine pleasures we’ve lost long the way.

Here is to a bright weekend, no matter what and no matter where,

Antonia Lyons

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