Each one of us has a Divine Mother within, offering sanctuary & unconditional love regardless of our choices and past.
When we acknowledge her presence and trust her guidance, we feel safe to venture into life, to grow and take risks.
With Divine Mother by our side, we are open to live a full and authentic life.

Dear Friend, if the world seems a scary place and you feel frightened and insecure, fall onto your own wisdom, your inner ability to mother yourself.
She will catch you and hold you tight.
The Divine Mother within will nurture you and make your wings strong so you can take flight and carry others with you.
Speak to her, with open heart: “Divine Mother, eternal fount of grace & wisdom, who loves me unconditionally, walked this earth before my time & knows of the tribulations of being human, please help me to trust myself & life. Walk with me & guide me back to all that I AM.”
Place your hands onto your heart and imagine you are in a very tranquil and safe space.
Feel the presence of your own wisdom, while letting any resistance melt away.
Be with you.
Be in Grace.
Antonia Lyons

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