It is with great joy that I announce the birth of my first book, The Day I found God In A Pub. It was released last week, exactly eight years on my very first post.
As birth is never a tidy and straightforward business (at least not here at my end), it was only yesterday that my “creative baby” landed on the Amazon bookshelves. While I look at it with loving eyes, I am suddenly aware that of course the whole process had to be a tad messy; after all I wrote a book about real life, for real people. You & I, who walk on the fast lane and quite often end up flat faced on the cold pavement, but never forget our wings!
My book is a collection or personal stories which will warm your heart and remind you that the God we look in churches and temples is closer that what we are made to believe. When we truly see that, we stop searching and we start living.
The Day I found God In A Pub can be purchased on Amazon throughout the world. And if it speaks to your heart, I invite you to pass it on or perhaps leave it behind in a pub, so we can all remember that we are God, also.

Antonia Lyons

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