Some days, the Angels we read about in the sacred texts feel very close. Almost as if their wings were sheltering us from the turbulence we face by just being in life.
Where are they? Why can we feel them but not touch them?
So we wait hoping to receive a sign of their divine presence; perhaps a little fluffy feather will suddenly appear, or we’ll hear bells singing in the air. And for a moment, the heaven we long for won’t feel that far after all.
Beloved Friend, your angels are closer than you know. They are those people you’ve met along the way who have helped you grow.
The family member you’ve always cherished same as the one who always pushed your buttons.
The friend you’ve known a lifetime, same as someone you randomly met and yet felt very drawn to right away. The colleague who always helps you get your job done, and the one who always tries to overshadow you.

You have met thousands of Angels and yet could never feel their presence and support enough.

They cheer you at every step, lift you up when you get knocked down, shush you when you talk gibberish, and pull your ear when you barter your stillness for vanity.
Dear Friend, tonight before you sleep, make time for all the people you’ve met so far. How many have you loved? Lost? Who is still in your life? What words did they offer you?
And as you recall all their faces and names, feel your heart expand with gratitude. It will remind you of how much you are loved and supported, always. Even when you think you are alone in this world, your heart will remind you of the Angels who came to show you the way back home.

In Grace,

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