Life has felt particularly messy lately. Usually, the time in between seasons can prove rather unsettling and often leaves me unable to find my space. What I have come to realize is that my resistance is actually a distraction from what wishes to be heard.

A couple of days ago, feeling rather pained and bothered, I struggled to choose how to spend the weekend. Many options came to mind, and yet none of them felt attractive enough. I kept on hovering around my apartment, pretending to be pottering a little. Truthfully, I just wanted to escape from myself but whenever I came close to get dressed and go out, I’d change my mind. Until I heard a soft yet firm voice echoing loud within me:

“Stay in the mess.”

I was meant to stay at home and find solitude. In the mess.

While the unexpected invite threw me off at first, I soon saw the benefit of spending some time in silence and by myself.

But here what usually happens when I give in to my soul’s guidance into solitude: noises become louder, distractions more luring, and my resistance to finally rest within me even stronger.

This time around, I sense that I ought to allow the mess get even messier, before I can fully receive its message.

Until next time,

Antonia Lyons

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