Beloved Gracers,
In life, we’ll often have to walk back.
Just when we thought we had come a long way, we’ll instead have to go way way back to where we first set off on this grand adventure of ours.
We may resist that. We may not wish to remember what we left behind. What we choose not to carry forward with us.
And yet, a thousand miles we’ll have to walk back over and over again, until all the little bits we scattered along the way, will find their rightful place in the exquisitely complex tapestry which is our life.
As we adventure back, we will encounter parts of us long forgotten.
They are still there, waiting for our return.
They have patiently trusted to be found only when we can welcome them with open arms. For such is the appreciation they hold for us.
And when we finally have them looking at us, may we hold our hand out to them.
“Come dear friend, let’s walk on together. For the road is still long, and it gets lonely at times.”
May you have the courage to go back Dear Friends, time and time again, to find “more of yourself”, trusting that your journey always and only happens in divine time.


Antonia Lyons

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