Some journeys we must take alone, for they may take us far.
When our soul yearns for growth, it will whisper into our heart. Softly at first, and then louder and louder.
“Go out in the world, child! Go, and never look back.”
So we embark on endless quests, in the hope to find what will make us feel complete.
We move around, we meet people, we lose ourselves in the busy thoroughfares of life, only to seek for shelter in the hidden corners when our inner storms become too hard to weather.

What do we search? And do we ever find it?

Beloved Friends, my new book ” The Day I Found God In A Pub,” tells the story of a brave and bold searcher, who left behind the comforts of a story told a thousand times, to write one never heard before.
For every story is The Story, and deserves to be told.
But the more the young searcher looked for what she yearned, the less she could see. And feel.
That searcher was me, and my story is yours too.
We are the ones who bartered safety for the unknown, and learnt that what we searched had quietly been close by, always.
We can rest now, and enjoy the wisdom we “collected” along the way.
The Day I Found God In A Pub,” is now available on Amazon.

Antonia Lyons

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