Precious Gracers,
Happy New Month!
How did you navigate through the choppy waters of January? What was your “go-to place”, when you needed to release the intensity of these times?
I made sure I’d create a “10-minute pocket” out of each day when I did absolutely nothing. I simply laid on the floor, and let my day wash away.
For the past few days, I have been waking up in the morning with a vision of myself bathing in the Ganges River.
As soon as my eyes open, I see the golden greeny reflection of the sun onto the water. I sense the fullness and the spaciousness around me. The new life wishing to be born, while I take this incredible moment in.
It feels that I am there, in the Mother River.
So generous of her to welcome me in her holy bed and allow me to release all that has served me well.
“Wash it, wash it away, my child.” She lovingly bathes me, and in that moment I feel renewed and embraced.
Just as I am. Just because I am here. There is nothing to fix or improve.


All around me thousands of locals are too bathing in the sacred waters, greeting a new day.
And I truly welcome their presence as I stand in the midst of it all, enjoying this sublime moment. Nothing compares to the privilege of being present in life.
The blissful union between human and divine is happening right there, and I am part of it.
I have been coming away from my morning vision feeling deep gratitude for all life and the gifts I receive every day. Even when they bring tears, I can sense what wishes to emerge through me.
May you release all that once served you well, and may you welcome new life.
In Grace,
Antonia Lyons

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