We’ve gone very loud recently.

Everywhere people are shouting to be heard.

They shout their fear and anger to the top of their voices.

The louder the shouting, the angrier they feel.

They want everybody else to hear the lament of our suffering World.

But what are we really shouting for?

And are our angry voices really mending the wounded soul of our planet?

There is a silence underneath it all, that came with the first explosion of life.

It lies under the roaring of  the universe, and it can only be felt in the heart.

Within that silence rests the Infinite Intelligence that has allowed our World to regenerate itself through the beginning of time.

We don’t need to shout but quietly reconnect to the raw force that always propelled human life forward.

The future of our planet rests within the silence it comes from.


Evoking GraceThe words you choose determine the quality of your life.

Are they inspiring and light? Or heavy and angry? Do they uplift you and those around or are they aimed to criticize and judge?

“Pearls of Wisdom” is a collection of insightful words that will make you wonder & ponder, while creating depth and joy in your everyday life.

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