We often assume we know the World.

In truth our  views are quite limited, as they are not only dictated by our own personal mind, but also by what the media choose to share with us moment to moment.

This very often leads to fear and causes us to be weary of those around us.

When we are afraid, we close our hearts.

When we fear others we feel entitled to take from them before they can take from us.

Choosing to share our words with respect and a genuine curiosity for what appears to be different, leads to miracles.

Our words can be alienating or open hearts.

When hearts are opened then the whole world is healed.

What words do you choose to speak? How do they sound? Feel?

Are they uplifting or oppressive?

Do they offer fear or do they allow you to deeply feel and accept the World with its old wounds and gifts?

Antonia Lyons


The words you choose determine the quality of your life.

Are they inspiring and light? Or heavy and angry? Do they uplift you and those around or are they aimed to criticize and judge?

“Pearls of Wisdom” is a collection of insightful words that will make you wonder & ponder, while creating depth and joy in your everyday life.

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