We all dread making mistakes.

We worry others will judge and mock us and that our worth will be forever stained.

“What will they say? Will they laugh? Will they know I’m “just an impostor” after all?” – it’s what we’ll often think.

Yet mistakes are  precious opportunities to do better.

Self-deprecation will always stop us from growing, as striving for perfection only leads to a “fake life”.

An authentic life is lived getting it wrong.

And wrong again.

But amidst the messiness of our living, there is Freedom.

Freedom to Grow into Who & What we came here to be.

Antonia Lyons



Evoking GraceThe words you choose determine the quality of your life.

Are they inspiring and light? Or heavy and angry? Do they uplift you and those around or are they aimed to criticize and judge?

“Pearls of Wisdom” is a collection of insightful words that will make you wonder & ponder, while creating depth and joy in your everyday life.

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