In dealing with others, our focus is very often on them and seldom on us.

Very skilfully we “manoeuvre” our relationships hoping they won’t “hit our stuff”.

But we don’t like to admit that.

So we say it’s Them rather than Us!

Next time someone challenges you, ask yourself:  “What aspect of this person’s behavior triggers ME?”

You’ll soon realise how others always show you the part of ourselves that you are hiding away because it’s just too painful to deal with.

Be grateful for that!

When you allow others to be just the way they are, you cast light on light on that darker bit of yourself and start mirroring the joy and love of the world.

Much Love & Grace from My heart to Yours,

Antonia Lyons






Antonia Lyons@ Evoking Grace

The words you choose determine the quality of your life.

Are they inspiring and light? Or heavy and angry? Do they uplift you and those around or are they aimed to criticize and judge?

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