We hear times again how we create our own reality.

But what does that mean really?

When we are enslaved by an over-reactive mind, we fail to see how life mirrors our thoughts & feelings.

Let our mind quieten and we suddenly see choices and opportunities where there were none.

This allows us to experience life as we wish.

Do we hold others responsible for our predicaments or do we choose instead to create a new reality moment to moment?

Much Love & Grace from My heart to Yours,

Antonia Lyons


Antonia LyonsThe words you choose determine the quality of your life.

Are they inspiring and light? Or heavy and angry? Do they uplift you and those around or are they aimed to criticize and judge?

“Pearls of Wisdom” is a collection of insightful words that will make you wonder & ponder, while creating depth and joy in your everyday life.

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