An old and wise man once told me: “One can only Evoke Grace when they are truly kind to themselves.”
I never understood his words until recently, when I suddenly saw how all my efforting actually felt slightly cruel.
Towards myself and those around.
We want to be perfect, because perfect means we’ll be able to keep life at bay.
Although we may be aware of our “not so pretty” aspects, it’s rare for us to acknowledge them.
To accept that they, too, are us.
Most of all, it’s often very hard to offer forgiveness to our humanness.
And yet, this path I have been walking since I can ever remember, never led me to a far away God but to myself.
Just as I am.
Time and time again, no matter how hard I tried to change direction in the hope to find a way to leave behind my imperfect self, it just came with me.
Perhaps walking behind, but it never left.
‘Till I sat with it and let it speak.
“I thought I was God also but this life kept me small. I thought if I tried a little harder, if I stayed a little longer, then I would find a way to be big again.
Would you please hold my hand just as I am?
Walk alongside me so I will never get lost again?
Would you please lead the way ahead, paving it with smiles and tender care so I’ll never hurt again? “
Dear Friend, every day we are asked to be kind.
To ourselves and those around, as they are merely a mirror of all that we are.
I invite you to take the time to practice kindness, especially when it feels uncomfortable.
That’s the time to really open you arms and welcome your human self so it can find its divinity again.
In Grace,
Antonia Lyons