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After the release of “The Day I Found God In A Pub”, I just thought “Now What?” 

Yes, and now what? 

Many people have reached out since then to congratulate me and also ask for tips on publishing a book.

While their well-wishing were both encouraging and flattering, I just wondered what exactly is that I am supposed to do now. 

And the only thing that came to mind is “write.” 

That’s it: I just need to write. 

After all, this is the thing I am best at and which really connects me to others. 

And yet there is a “but” coming up and one some of you may relate to. 

Whenever we attempt anything, we want to get to the end result and skip the part where we move towards what we wish to accomplish. 

In my case, that is publishing books. Meaningful, inspiring, and successful books. For you, it could be just anything: perhaps you would like to be more insightful. Maybe you just wish you could be in better shape or having a few extra quid in your bank account. 

Whatever that is, we want to get to the part where the work is done and we can admire our little “creatura.” 

What happens in between requires the ability to fall in love with the process of creating and becoming rather than what we will be able to proudly display at the end. 

And this is hard, because life has the tendency to get in the way and often test our well meant wishes. 

Whilst writing my book, one of the things that kept on coming up was how easily distracted I can be. 

The more I saw this, the bigger the excuses I came up with. 

“I have very little time. My day is way too busy. My apartment is not quiet enough.”

In truth, I was resisting becoming the person who can write those inspiring books. I had to fall in love with the person who can actually do the work and get those inspiring books out there.  What choices would this person need to make? What constraints would she have to re value? And what matters the most to her?

These are questions I am still looking an answer for, and it may actually take me a while before I do. But what I now know is that creating anything has little to do with the results we wish to see and more with our ability to stay present even on days when the world distracts us and claims our attention. Mostly, we ought to allow the creative process to mold us into the very thing we wish to see taking shape.

Antonia Lyons

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