Meet little king Peppe!

Whenever I look at these pictures I can’t help smiling cause they remind me how resilient we all are.

I’ve met Pat a while back, whilst walking Zhibbi.

Pat is one of the last true “eastenders” left in my area.

Born & Bred.

And one thing which is common to all them is their fierceness and the light in their eyes.

I met her one day while she was trying to get her little companions some exercise.

She told me very honestly: ” As we are all very old, I decided to get a little pushchair for Luis, cause he is 18 years old and he just won’t move anymore. This way we all get some fresh air and a bit of exercise”.

That just touched my heart so much I actually cried.

To see this woman defying old age for the sake of her ancient pups ( they really are these two🤣❤) just made me realize how sacred is the bond we have with our pets.

And how resilient we are.

This picture is from a couple of months ago.

Summer was coming to an end and King Peppe was enjoying more than ever being pushed around, probably cause of the heat.

Note how our little Zhib Zhobs is just being a diva, avoiding the camera at all cost.

I got a bit emotional as I know so many animals have been dying lately because of the fires and the weather around the world.

I’m ever so grateful I’ve had the chance, thanks to Zhibbi, to become more aware of them and how precious they truly are for our own wellbeing.

Antonia Lyons

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