I pulled this card early this year, actually on the first of January.

“May You Stretch”.

I wondered how these words would manifest in my life and I hoped this expansion would be as gentle as possible.

Little I knew at the time that merely a couple of months later, we would all have been stretched beyond our limits.

So much in fact, I sense we are now officially at the edge of our comfort zone.

We are right there, where the pain is real.

And yet there is an opening, which allows us to breathe in ways we could never before.

It allows us to think “bigger” & be “bigger”.

On this last day on what has truly been a life changing month, I offer you courage.

To be stretched like you never thought you could.

And presence, to welcome the new “bigger” you.


A.Lyons for Evoking Grace

Ps these are the “Sea Soul Blessings” deck by seasoulblessings.com.
I pull one card out on the first day of each month, welcoming the cleansing and invigorating energies of the sea♥️🌊