When we trust the Universe to unload us from our worries and tribulations, we allow magic to happen.

The same magic that we’ve been trying to evoke by ourselves but which cannot stem from the burden we carry around.

We must share that load and allow something bigger than us to guide us while mending our wounds.

I can’t really say that I’m an expert at surrendering.

I probably do better than most, yet the uneasiness is often still there.

In time I have learnt to accept that it’s part of our humanness.

Challenge after challenge, we learn to let go a bit more.

And hold on a bit less.

That’s when we know our spirit is growing: when we can look up the sky and say, over and over again, “Your way. Not Mine”.

And if you think that’s giving in to a cumbersome life, then think of the times you have been struggling against it!

When we learn to dance with life rather than put up a fight, we graciously start gliding through it.

As we lightly move in and out of our days, suddenly we start living more and worry less.

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