It’s “Love Week” and the shops are full of Valentine’s gifts!

Wherever we look, there is something reminding us that it’s time to let our significant other know how important they are.

And yet, as the old good Gibran once said “Love is the only flower thsy grows and blossoms without the aid of the seasons!”.

This year, rather than hunting for the perfect Valentine’s gift, how about you presented your loved one with APPRECIATION.

True & Deep Appreciation.

For what they are.

Right here, in this moment.

For their flaws and shortcomings.

For what they could be and perhaps they can’t be just yet.

And possibly will never be.

Accept them, for once, in their beautiful imperfection knowing it is you very own imperfection too.

Offer them gratitude for walking by your side down a path which is hardly ever straight but often very, very narrow.

Let that be your gift and let it come from your heart.

In – Joy,


Antonia Lyons

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