Good Morning To You Dear Souls.

Lately, as the world embraces itself in these uncertain times, I feel more and more a strong presence around me.

She moves with me, breathes with me, pauses with me.

And it’s in the pause, that I feel her the most.

It’s in the moment when I surrender to however I feel about what’s unfolding and changing so fast, that I can hear her whispering to me.

Almost as if it’s OK to be worried, or down.

It’s OK to be human.

This presence invites me to go down, and down, and down.

To a place within I have never been before.

A place that has always felt so far, but which right now, is so close.

And that’s where she will meet me.

Life will meet me half way in the silence that is wanting to emerge through my wondering mind.

And when she speaks, I shall listen.

With a heart I will never close again, for it’s been ripped open.

And yet, it feels alive like never before.

I wish you a quiet week dear ones.

May you find the courage to go within.

And may you rest in that dwelling place called heart.

There you shall get stronger again, while Life gently whispers to you truths you once knew but forgot.

And when you awake, nothing will ever be the same.


Much Love & Grace from My Heart to Yours,
A. Lyons for Evoking Grace