Mind! The mind is so powerful it has made us believe it is us.
We live calling it “our mind” and its endless gifts “our thoughts.”
That is our life, my beloved friend.
That is what governs our world and what has kept us so very small. And so very sad.
Like an imposing guest who’s taken up our best room, we let it stay because we mistakenly made it part of “the family.”
It likes all the windows shut and we got accustomed to the dark.
But the one who sees this as the spell the angels who forgot their wings fell under all those moons ago, is the one who will remind them they can fly.

Be that angel, my friend.

Be the spell breaker and start refusing the unwanted gifts the intrusive guest has been offering you to stay in your beautiful house.
Take ownership of your inner home again and when all the windows have been opened and fresh air has been let in, spend a moment enjoying the warm light coming through.
Close your eyes and be there as long as you wish. Breathe it all in. All that space and the silence. It is all yours. It is who you are.
And when you deeply feel this, go and help the other angels airing their homes and letting the sunshine in again.
In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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