Precious Friends,

In wishing to live a soulful life, we’ll often go to a great length to connect to our soul “the right way.”

The spiritual way perhaps, as many like to call it?

But what does that mean, really?

How do invite Spirit in our space when the world is often so distracting? And what do we get distracted from?

Dear Friends, to live the soulful life is to live ALL LIFE.

The distractions same as the solitude, the chaos same as the quiet, the smile and the tears.

It is all life, and that is where our soul is.


As I sit on the grass in this pretty park , the rich autumnal colours embellish the sound of the traffic in the distance. The wind rustling through the leaves joins in this unusual symphony, while kids loudly play “hide and seek.”

I came to quietly converse with my soul among the trees, and yet noise is what I find. And as I watch people around me enjoying the park also, I see how Spirit is all around instead.

With me and all around me.


Precious Gracers, no effort is ever needed to be with your soul. No incense, candles, mantras or prayers will get you heard more than being in this world as it is. Feel it all, even when it breaks your heart. And as you whisper “I am here” through your tears, your soul will gently dry them away.

Antonia Lyons

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