Beloved Friends,
May my words find you well and at peace.
Some mornings, as I slowly greet the spirit of a new day, I know that Grace has come to pay me a visit.
While I quietly move in the early hours, She gently follows me around like the freshest breeze.
Standing beside me as I drink my coffee, I can feel my cherished visitor holding me lightly. And in my heart, I know I’m safe.
No matter what life will bring me on that day, I know that Grace will let me fall back onto her. Always.
And yet, it is ever so easy to forget this and lose myself in the world.
The beautiful feeling that engulfs me as the sun rises in the pink sky, gives into weariness while I go by my day.
Noises, voices, bodies rushing around: life moves so fast. Will she sweep me away?
While I am out in the world, I sometimes feel like, “I’ve gone a bit too far from myself.” From the warm embrace that enveloped me earlier on in the morning.
But then I always remember that my breath will take me back home. When I choose to pause even in the midst of great discomfort and chaos, I’m anchored again within myself.
And those strong arms are still around me, holding me tight.
It only takes one moment of sweet awareness. One deep, slow breath. One grateful smile.
And I am with me again.
Dear Gracers, May You be with You time and time again today.
May You trust that your way back home is never hard to find, and when weary, may you rest in the arms of Grace.
In Joy,

Antonia Lyons

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