Beloved Friend,
As the wind of change blows harder over our world, we must find refuge from the harshness of life. The still place within ourselves, where we are sheltered away while balance and peace are restored without.
Here we become intimate with our own silence, and slowly learn to converse with it. Can you hear its words, my beloved, quietly whispered into your heart?
The world is loud and angry right now, but in our secret refuge we are safe and no harm can come to us. Here we restore our weary bones and heal our open wounds, and when we are ready, we offer our precious medicine to those who are roaming around, lost in the endless suffering they cannot leave behind.
May you rest into yourself trusting that there is nowhere else to go. May you take your time and get familiar with your inner silence, knowing that you will hear life speak to you. Loud & clear.
And when afraid, may you turn your little refuge in the fortress no world could ever get into.
In Grace,
Antonia Lyons



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Stay as long as you wish, and as you leave remember to take your welcoming gifts with you