If Not Now, Then When?
I greeted this new day as these words were whispered to me, while I slowly opened my eyes.
Lying in bed, under the warmth comfort of my blanket, I sensed that certain things cannot longer wait.
They don’t want to.
They want to come to life Now.
Now Is The Time.
For the struggle to surrender to joy.
Now is when we let the river of life flow all the debris of what’s past down its bed, pouring into the vast ocean of what’s yet to be.
And it all comes together, like waves endlessly ebbing and flowing.
When will you let the guilt go? The guilt of never being and doing enough?
The hardship of being alive?
If not now, when will you trust that you have plenty and you shall never go without? Even as the world tells you otherwise, when will you come to accept that You are made of stars. And within you, you carry the miracle of creation.
If Not Now, when will You see that it only takes a whisper for this life to greet her loyal companion?
May you never let another day go to find yourself again my Beloveds. May you truly accept that your scars are the infinite particles your light is made of. And that it’s both your richness and strength.
Antonia Lyons

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