I woke up pained this morning.
Ancient grief demanded to be heard.
And I, could only listen.
I asked my body to assist me in moving what needed to be released, and slowly, through my tears, I started to dance.
And the more I moved, the heavier I felt.
All the layers that I had on, felt sticky and uncomfortable.
” Grande Spirito take my grief please. Take it from me because I cannot do this on my own. Help me Grande Spirito to be free.” I said to the great energy moving through me and with me.
All around , dark aspects gathered to remind me of what I never could be.
Everything I tried to accomplish and never did. All the times I wanted to be seen but I was ignored. The words I wished to speak but I was silenced.
Ancient layers of guilt, unworthiness, and shame stuck onto me, making any attempt to move freely impossible.

“Grande Spirito help me.”

Suddenly the sound of the music feels closer and closer. It echoes under my skin, my body slows down, and I am moved to undress myself.
Everything comes off me. Everything.
And I stop.
Naked. Bare.
I am NO ONE.
The beat of the music now louder and louder within me, my body feels larger. Undefined. Unconstricted.
I am nothing.
I am no one.
I have unveiled myself and fiercely stand naked, because when we bare ourselves in front of all that is, we are reminded of what we always were.
I don’t expect those dark aspects to join me anymore.

No matter how small and exposed I am right now, I choose to dance on my own.

For me.
Unfinished and incomplete.
And every move is a celebration of my great courage and a reminder of what I am here for.
Not to be someone or something.
But to embody the ancient wisdom that wishes me to be alive.
Dear Friends, may you unveil yourself.
Unapologetically and defiantly.
May you dare to stand naked and be in all your nothingness.
And when grief demands to be heard, may you say, “I see you, as I see me.”

Antonia Lyons

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