Some days there is a lot noise coming at us from the outside world.
Just like wind blowing loud onto our face and through our hair, some days life feels very unsettling and it is not easy to stay within ourselves.
Can we trust that we shall remain safe and repaired from the weathering of the world, right where we are?
Can we let the wind howl at us, knowing that no harm will get into our inner fortress?
Can we trust that among its walls the roaring of the wind will echo loudly and yet, our own silence will gently assuage it?
Can we stand in the storms of life and know that we shall no be swept away, because we have grown roots into our Mother Earth that keep us solidly wrapped within her fierce yet generous embrace.
Darling Friends, some days the wind comes to pay you a visit, brings you words of what urges to be remembered and what begs to be let in and nourished.
May you stand strong and trust your “enoughiness.” You shall bend, swing sideways, and yet you will always find your way back into your inner fortress.
Antonia Lyons