May this new month bring you joy.
As I greeted the Spirit of April this morning, I have been reminded of a powerful truth.
The very thing we seek, we must become.

While we hold it outside of us, it will remain lost in the world. It will not be for us to have, because it will belong to someone else.
We must believe that what we hope they can give to us, we have also.
How many times have I prayed to the moon, the stars, the elders, to help me free myself from what keeps me small?
How many times have I hoped they could show me a way out of myself, into the larger life that awaits me?
This morning the elders spoke, under the moon.
‘What you search here, you have inside. But you do not believe. Because you do not hope.
To find what you’ve come to ask from us, you must give it to yourself.

You must hope and believe that you are becoming it.

And as you do, you must trust that what you are in this moment, is as perfect as you can be. Just like a flower slowly blossoming, is as open as it will ever be.’
What is Hope to you Dear Friends?
How do you stay in trust and believe a new day will always rise?
When we are deeply connected to Spirit, our hope allows us to envision a new path, for Spirit always finds a way.
We trust that our wounds are healed when we believe we are the medicine needed.
Hope is a longing for the ocean of life, trusting that her tides always change, and believing that her waves will always carry us.
May you Hope this month and beyond that much is arising far in the distance. May you Trust that it is closer than what you see. May you Believe that what is on the horizon awaits you, knowing you shall get to it not one moment sooner or later.
For Life unfolds in her own divine timing, always.
Antonia Lyons

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