I am loved.
And held.
I am carried by the nurturing breeze that meets me as I move in the world.
Every day, as I greet the Spirit of a new day, I feel the love that the whole universe has for me.
And when in need of rest, trees welcome me under their generous arms and let me be for a moment.
I feel their support, as I lean back onto their trunk and take a little breath. A little pause, before I immerse myself again in the city’s hustle and bustle.
Wherever I turn to, I know that love is there. Everything around, wants me to be well and truly savour our sensuous life. Immerse myself in all the sounds and colours; in every smell and the beauty often hidden away.
In every moment I am warmly held by something that respectfully allows me to move freely. It gives me enough room to feel life and yet it is close enough to catch me when I fall.

“Do I deserve all this?” I sometimes wonder.

How can I be so loved and nurtured when I am a sinner. Guilty of being human and often not caring enough.
Do I offer enough kindness and time to all the generous souls I continuously meet along the way?
Do they feel my presence and respect? Does my gratitude reach their hearts, same as mine overflows with the joy of feeling accepted and cherished?
Do I deserve to be loved?
When doubt gets hold of me, I go deep, deep into a place far from life as we know it.
Here the “wise sisters” welcome me in their arms and remind me that there is nothing to be deserved.
The love I feel is for the taking.
It abundantly moves around me, waiting to be felt and shared.
The wise sisters always remind me of the great admiration “Grande Spirito” has for us world dwellers, who so often go astray and forget how deeply loved we are.
For the great courage we have in living a life that can wound us deeply. Yet, we learn to wear our scars with dignity and pride, between tears and smiles.
May You trust, beloved friend, that you are loved and held in great respect and admiration. For being You.

Antonia Lyons

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