In wanting to give birth to a new life, we often forget what is asked of us to make changes happen.
We hastily wish for things to be different, only to get quickly distracted and find ourselves in the same old story.
Every wish for change is sacred. It demands attention and undivided presence.

Meet every new moment with care, beloved friends. For in each moment you are being born again, if you so allow.
Enter every pause knowing that you are being summoned by the spirit of the change wishing to happen through you.
Converse with it. Ask open questions and carefully listen to what will be whispered back.
Enter the world with quiet care from now on Beloveds, as you rise in the morning. For the spirit of the new day brings you news of what’s yet to unfold just for you.
The changes you wish to happen are all lined up, moving around you, waiting to come to life through your respectful presence.
Every birth is sacred. As you birth yourself a thousand times over, every moment becomes the sacred threshold for a larger life. A wholer You.
May this month end with great appreciation for your courage to be truly alive.
Antonia Lyons
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