I have been afraid lately.

And I don’t think I have been the only one.

Yet, feeling so vulnerable and raw was both unexpected and uncomfortable.

Just like the times we live in.

It’s almost as if my mind suddenly turned off, leaving me unable to remember whatever I have learnt on my path through the years.

“Was it that that master taught me? And what did I learn in that course?”

Very little came to me, enough to get myself together every morning and go through the day.

Enough to think “tomorrow is another day!”

There is a moment in our life when there is just us and God.

Or however you want to call that.

Call it Universe, Divine Femmine, The Godess.

Call it as many names as you wish: but there always comes a time when it’s just You & All that Is.

And I sense this might be that moment.

Each one of us is being called to shed a life we no longer belong to.

And I’m not talking strictly about everyday life, although in my case I love that enough to want to keep it just as it is.

It’s our inner life I’m referring to here.

The one we create with all our likes & dislikes, hopes and wishes, obsessions and fears.

That is the life we emanate out towards everybody else and which more often than not keeps us away from one another.

As I write this in the dark, I sense a presence bigger than I am.

It’s the same presence I find whenever I’m still enough to hear more, feel more, be more.

I ask it to give me courage to face whatever fear arises right now.

To release any resistance and allow me to surrender to what needs unfolding so that I can move towards greater peace and gratitude.

If you are finding this time particularly challenging, don’t go alone.

I’m offering 1 hour complimentary “Wisdom Within” session to those who are feeling vulnerable and anxious (check evokinggrace.com for more info on my work)

Reach out on antonialyons@evokinggrace.com and tell me how I can help.

We are in this together so every little helps,

Antonia Lyons

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