Life has the habit to get our attention in the most surprising ways. Whenever she feels we are ready to see something new, she takes us back to where we’ve been already hundreds of times.
Within ourselves.
Often too distracted to see what’s been there all along, we go and look for what we may need, all over the place.
We grow preoccupied as we move away from ourselves, letting our worries pose onto our body, and permeate its muscles and organs. Of course, we all feel so tired most of the time: when we are constantly preoccupied with life, we forget the part of us that is well.

We Evoke Grace, when we reconnect to the part of us that resides in well-being and joy at all times.

Grace knows no conditions, she comes with no sub-story attached.
She is firmly rooted within us, and will never leave us.
But we must learn to converse with her, tell her of our tribulations, of what keeps us from our hearts.
“My beloved Grace, I have moved away from you and I now want to come back. I want to live, dear Grace, I want to be well. Help me to live, help me to come back to life now.” As you give Grace your trust, you learn to trust yourself again.
May you remember that you are never really lost my precious friends, and may you trust that “someone dear” always awaits you to return.
Antonia Lyons

Come on in! You are in  “mumblings & musings,” the space where I channel short and sweet stories about life & stuff. If you wish to stay a little longer and visit around, Evoking Grace is the perfect place to take a pause from the world. Here you will hear your soul sing again and start telling a bigger story.
Stay as long as you wish, and as you leave remember to take your welcoming gifts with you.