We must learn to embrace all of ourselves if we are to live big.
In wishing to be fully present in every moment, we must offer our presence to our entire inner world, and never shy away from those places that look scary, dark, and impenetrable. It is here that our forgotten children go and hide whenever they feel abandoned and misunderstood.
Can you hold space for all of them, dear one?
Can you go and retrieve all your “child selves” and be with them, even when they resemble wounded little beasts, frantically trying to find some comfort from their pain?
It is never easy to sit with our many shadows, offering a quiet space where they can safely shed their tears.

It takes courage, beloved friend.

Divine compassion, and much kindness.
But if you wrap you strong arms around them, and bring them closer to your heart, they will feel its warmth. They will sense its warm glow and want to stay there, resting quietly.
“Here, here now little ones. Come close, a bit more. Here we go, my little darlings. Do not be afraid, this light will not go out. Rest my children, you are safe here. With me. Now.”
May you embrace the unspeakable. May you voice what it’s often too painful to tell. And when your inner darkness feels frightening, may you trust that the light of your heart will never go out.
In Grace,
Antonia Lyons
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