One day, when this is all over, you’ll remember that you may have forgotten to thank the person who helped you the most during this unsettling time.

While the whole world is busy clapping for everyone else these days, today I invite you to CLAP FOR YOURSELF.

Yes YOU!

You, for your courage to be alive when life is anything else but fun.

For getting out of bed and still do what needs doing even when nothing makes sense.

For still believing that, no matter what, this life is worth living and this world still worth loving.

Too often I have sensed lately (well, way before Corona Virus turned up on our front door!!!) how we need to feel that we are the good ones: we clap, we give to charity, we let everybody know how we help others and expect them to do exactly the same cause otherwise they are just bad.

And very naively and unwittingly, the world creates its victims so it can hide its own crap!

Well today my friend I say go outside your balcony, and clap for your own magnificent humanity.

For the tears you have secretly cried cause you feel so let down by a system which often fails to support you.

For the fear you may not be able to feed your loved ones.

And be proud of it.

Don’t feel guilty for it.

Never, ever feel that you are not worth being clapped for.

I thank you and bow to all that you are with the wish that, soon, you will see how just incredible that is.

In love & grace,

Antonia Lyons Evoking Grace

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