Today is an important day.

Today, in fact, is the day when something has suddenly become very clear.

And in that clarity, no matter what it will bring and where it will lead me, I suddenly feel tired and with no much left to give.

You have been there too, haven’t you?

You thought your life was meant to go a certain way, only to realize that perhaps she has now other plans for you.

And you’ve got to trust her.

You’ve got to trust that Life always has you back and know how to move you and where to place you.

And yet, as I’m walking down a very wet Tottenham Court Road, I can help feeling slightly disappointed and also a bit fed up with it all.

And while I’m crossing the road under my way too small umbrella, I see her.

I see the girl I get to see every morning in the same spot.

Same spot, same time, same girl.

Same wheelchair.

Every day I see this young woman on a wheelchair waiting with her mum for the carers to arrive.

Whether it’s sunny or pouring down, they come and pick her up in a mini van and probably take her to a therapy center where she can be looked after and spend time with others in a safe environment.

As I watched the same scene I have watched over again, something struck me this morning.

Despite how I may be feeling right now, I have choices.

Regardless of how unfair and stubborn I may think life is being right now, I can barter with her.

I can jump and shout and tell the whole world to f*** off.

That girl can’t.

She never will.

And in that realization I suddenly feel free.

Cause I can start all over again, or give up, or carry on walking and see what happens.

But I have choices!

Every morning that girl is a reminder that I don’t get to complain..I get to live the best I can…and I don’t get to complain.

Somehow seeing her keeps me very humble…it’s like a little reminder the universe has put on my path…”sorry sweetheart, you don’t get to complain….you get to choose instead!”

So next time you feel fed up with life, remember the choices you have.

Remember that you too can try and re try, walk away, come back…

And as you do that, you do it for those who’ll never be able to.

And that’s where your gift to the world is.

Antonia Lyons

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