Samhain Evoking Grace

Blessed you Be Dear Child, on this sacred eve.

May you know that you are loved, more than you will ever know.

May you trust that you are being held in the loving arms of all that is, even as you feel swallowed in by this hungry world.

And as your pain is soothed, let us whisper into your heart and may you listen to our words:

“The time has come to ease the war.

No more you against them.

No more one against many.

For the war of one is the world’s war.”

And as you dance this sacred night away, may the spirit of those who walked the earth before your time, join you in celebrating the life that never ends.

Light up your heart on this Samhain,

Antonia Lyons

Come on in! You are in  “mumblings & musings,” the space where I channel short and sweet stories about life & stuff. If you wish to stay a little longer and visit around, Evoking Grace is the perfect place to take a pause from the world. Here you will hear your soul sing again and start telling a bigger story.
Stay as long as you wish, and as you leave remember to take your welcoming gifts with you.